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When I was elected to the State Senate in 2010, Wisconsin was facing a $3.6 billion shortfall after the Democrats, who were in charge, increased spending and raised taxes and fees by $5 billion. Instead of accepting this flood of red ink as a permanent drag on our economy, we rolled up our sleeves and made tough decisions. It was not easy, but we passed a budget that closed the deficit, did not raise taxes, and gave local officials more control over schools.

Balancing our budget without raising taxes demonstrates to job creators that Wisconsin is committed to living within its means. It gives them confidence that they can grow their businesses and hire more employees without facing burdensome tax increases. For a lesson in the pain massive deficits inflict look no farther than Illinois, which has the lowest credit rating of any state and an employee pension system about to go broke.

Wisconsin has accomplished much since 2011, critical choices await us. Democrats in Madison are demanding we ratchet up spending to levels that caused the deficit in the first place and swamp businesses with regulation that makes it difficult for them to thrive.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve the people of the first Senate district and all of Wisconsin.

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